About TexSite 3.0

Texsite 3.0, which replaces Texsite 2.0, is the software used to record archeological sites in Texas. Using TexSite, site recorders provide baseline data from previously unknown sites, or alternatively from known, recorded sites being revisited. TexSite provides a quick and easy way to transfer that information to the Texas Archeological Research Laboratory (TARL) at UT-Austin. TARL requires this information so that the site can be given a unique number and entered into Texas' archeological database. There are currently about 70,000 archeological sites in the database, available to qualified researchers via the Texas Archeological Sites Atlas.

Tips for Submitting Site Forms

To add a site form, click the "Add Form" button on the main menu above. Please Note:

  • When entering a site form, you can save the form and return to work on it at a later time, using the "Manage Forms" tab. However, once a site form has been submitted to TARL, any updates to the form in TexSite will not be reflected in the TARL version.
  • You can export forms that you want to submit to TARL in either Excel or tab-separated format by using the export buttonson the "Manage Forms" tab.
  • You can keep track of which forms you have submitted in to TARL by using the "submitted" checkbox on the site form. The "submitted" field can also be accessed on the "Manage Forms" tab. Checking the submitted checkbox on the "Manage Forms" tab automatically updates the database.

TexSite Account Management

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